First ever Senior Sunrise held this morning


By Darla Crespin

This morning, Associated Student Body (ASB) held Hoover High School’s first ever Senior Sunrise. About 60 students from the class of 2018 met at the Quad at 6:30 a.m. and enjoyed $1 Corner Cottage breakfast burritos and complimentary water while watching the sunrise together.

“We were able to host such a successful senior sunrise this morning because of their [ASB’s] unconditional dedication to the senior class,” ASB President Amira Chow (’18) said.

Several activities were organized for seniors to take part in. A table was set up where students wrote letters to themselves and placed them in a time capsule, that is to be opened at the Senior Sunset, which is planned to take place at the end of the school year. A large poster, made ahead of time by ASB, that spelled out Senior Sunrise, was laid on the Quad for seniors to sign and write a note on. At the end of the event, each senior in attendance was given either a white or purple balloon and at the count of three released them into the air while shouting “SENIORS!”.

The senior turn out was about 60, although ASB members hope to see a bigger number at the Senior Sunset.

“We look forward to serving our seniors this school year and can’t wait for the Senior Sunset,” Chow said.

Overall, the class bonding event was one for the books; a potential tradition for future senior classes.

Pep Team members pose with ASB members.
Senior sign and personalize Senior Sunrise poster.


Pep Team girls write letters to themselves for the time capsule.
Senior Class ASB cabinet pose with poster signed by seniors.