For some high school was a blast, while for others a total nightmare. Either way it still happened, so imagine recreating some of those fondest moments in front of an entire live audience.

DisneyPlus’ original hour-long series “Encore!” takes the cast of former high school theatre performances and reunites them to pull off one final encore performance with six days of preparation time.

Originally having a pilot aired on the ABC Network on Dec. 10, 2017, the show has been turned into a full-on series that will feature high school productions of “Annie,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and more.

The show covers the entire six-day preparation process from meeting the cast members, to the reunion, costume fitting, and rehearsals that lead up to the final show.
“Encore!” is delightful and a heartwarming cozy family reality television show that reveals the lasting impact high school has on one’s life.

Host and executive producer actress Kristen Bell best known for her “Frozen” fame hand picks broadway experts, choreographers, musicians and assistants to guide these adults back into their former high school years.

Audiences get a glimpse of the struggles and obstacles they have to face as their past resurfaces.

“Encore!” is a definite must-see for anyone interested in the reality TV world and especially for any teenager. The show demonstrates how important it is to cherish the moment you are currently living in and to not take anything for granted.

Sebastian Guzman