Before the romances between a beauty and a beast, a mermaid and a prince, an Arabian street-rat and a palace princess, there was a love story between two canines, “Lady and the Tramp.”

Yes, Disney has once again taken a beloved Walt Disney archived classic and revamped it entirely in live-action form for the modern 21st century audience, but admittingly, it isn’t the worst out of the plethora of Disney live-action remakes made by the studio in recent years. 

With that mentioned, it doesn’t play to the grand scale of recent films like “The Lion King,” “Aladdin” or even Disney’s biggest flop of 2019, “Dumbo.” 

The reimagining of the 1955 film certainly has the perfect fit for DisneyPlus. In other words, not made for the big screen. 

“Lady and the Tramp” is a cozy family romance film that plays perfectly for the holiday season. Not only thematically since the film takes place during the Christmas season, but for the heavy nostalgia play that reminds you of what made the original classic so special.

When it comes to modernizing cherished Disney classics, it is without a doubt that the filmmakers must make a decision of what should remain in the film or not. Although I will confirm that the iconic zoo scene and Siamese cats have been removed in the 2019 version, the story itself has pleasantly broadened its message.

  The film is no longer so much focused on the love between the characters of Lady and the Tramp, even though it plays a major role in the plot, but it also brings awareness to what familial love means and the loyalty shared between Man and dog. 

“Lady and the Tramp” also takes jabs at societal issues we face today such as the rise of homelessness and pet adoption and care.

The remake definitely has some issues in both script, written by Kari Granlud and in the portrayals of certain secondary characters, but that aside, the two main leads, Rose and Monte, the two rescue dogs who play Lady and the Tramp are absolutely charming. 

All the dogs, either CGI or not conveyed emotions unlike any other live-action film such as the aforementioned, “The Lion King,” which really strengthened the story and moreover, that iconic dinner scene which is pure Disney magic. 

It might not be the best work director Charlie Bean, who has worked on “Tron: Uprising” and “The Lego Ninjago Movie,” has put forth, but it is certainly a creative film that took chances without destroying the story. Something so often not seen in these types of films. 

The ensemble cast also does impressive voice work throughout the film, truly bringing these characters to life. Several standouts you might want to listen for is Peg played by Janelle Monae, Trusty played by Sam Elliott and of course, the leads, Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux. 

Overall, “Lady and the Tramp” is one of DisneyPlus’ strongest products in terms of original content for the service. 

“Lady and the Tramp” is a live-action remake of the classic 1955 film. Now streaming on DisneyPlus.



Director- Charlie Bean

Cast- Tessa Thompson, Justin Theroux, Yvette Nicole Brown, Sam Elliott

Sebastian Guzman