Reviewing Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


By Iffat Alam 

In today’s modern world, we usually prefer to sit down and scroll through the Instagram discover page rather than turn a real page. However, I think this book might just peak your interest enough to at least crack it open.

Leigh Bardugo’s book Six Of Crows, the first book in a duology, has an elegant cover with the titled displayed in swirly silver letters across a raven’s wing and a cloudy sky. In addition to the interesting cover, the edges of each page are dipped black so that when looking at the closed book from the side, the book seems to have all black pages. Now, out of pure curiosity, I know if you had seen this book at Barnes & Noble (much like I had) you would have picked it up to see if the pages inside were indeed black. I told you you’d open it.

Not to judge a book by its cover, but its presentation did indeed catch my attention. But content wise, it was just as phenomenal. The book itself has an interesting plot, circling around a crew of six teenagers, each with their own set of conundrums, who band together to pull off the greatest heist known to their world, which will pay them in millions. The story is a little hard to grasp at the beginning and understanding how their world works takes a while but once the world building is over, the story takes off at a rapid speed.

The story is told from multiple perspectives, giving the reader a sense of how each character thinks and feels on a personal level. It also gives multiple sides to a story so the reader can decide where they stand in the story. Each chapter is left at another plot twist which kept me on my toes the entire read. The middle of the book is undoubtedly the best part and the ending leaves the reader running to the nearest bookstore to see what will happen next.