Valle sets her eyes on others

Abby Valle’s compassion stands out with her volunteer work for the Be My Eyes program


Courtesy of Abby Valle

Abby Valle is a standout student at Hoover who has a caring heart toward others

By Kristen Marshal, Staff Writer

Hardworking. Kind. Sincere. Ambitious. Devoted. These are just a few words that can describe Hoover junior Abigail Valle. It always seems that most people you meet in your life are similar to those traits, but what makes Valle different? 

Her compassion stands out like a gleaming ray of sunshine in your eyes. Speaking of eyes, an excellent example of Valle’s compassion is shown through her volunteer work for the Be My Eyes program. The Be My Eyes program includes sighted volunteers who assist low-vision or blind users on the app by responding to a video call and helping them distinguish colors, turning on their TV, and more. 

“Be My Eyes has affected me in the most positive ways possible,” Valle said. “Each time I answer a call, I feel like I’ve made an actual difference in someone’s life and it’s very fulfilling to know I helped someone,” 

Not only does she assist those in need, but she participates in many clubs that are acknowledged for serving others. She is a board member of UNICEF and a co-founder of Hoover’s sneaker culture club. Valle is also in the process of creating her own website to provide a resource hub dedicated to major issues in the world such as climate change, social injustice, food, and water security.

“Abby loves to work hard and she’s extremely intelligent and organized.” best friend Malena Beygi said. “She is also the most caring person I know because without Abby I’d be lost and a complete mess, but she’s always there for you when you need her the most,”

Her character is beyond her years as she truly cares for her community greatly. Most students do community service and help others for college admissions and recognition, but Valle serves her community because her heart leads her to help those in need. Along with her kindness, she is filled with a fiery passion of ambition that leads her to success. She always aims for the highest possible standards for herself that allow her to get everything that she needs to do done. However, all high standards have their consequences. 

“It gets difficult balancing academics, extracurricular activities, and my personal life since I have to make sure my grades are perfect and that I’m still serving my community,” Valle said. 

She is currently taking AP US History, AP Language, AP Psychology and she is the junior vice president, which makes it even more challenging for her to balance her time. Even though she has a lot of pressure on her hands, she always makes sure to remember her future plans for college that motivate her to pursue forward. 

How is she able to balance all those difficult courses with everything else she has to do?

Though it may not be special for some, Valle says that it is her excellent memory that is truly her hidden talent. It allows her to study easier and much more efficiently. With memories in mind, Valle hopes to make them in the future in her dream school, Columbia University. 

Valle truly is a special student who brightens those around her days’. It is because of her compassion and ambition that she is able to pursue her goals and she is the perfect example to all to remember that it is the heart and your determination that will lead you to success.