Counselor leaving Hoover

Tyrone Allen, the counselor for the seniors, will be leaving Hoover on Friday to take a job as a teacher.


By Celia Hovespian, Staff Writer

Tyrone Allen. Not only is he a counselor at Hoover, but a member of the Tornado family. He began his journey as a counselor in the summer of 2019 and will soon be leaving Hoover on Friday. He is leaving to become a special education physical education in the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District

The time he has spent at Hoover will not be forgotten. 

Allen has been a great guide towards the seniors. Due to the pandemic, the connection might have not been as strong, but it was still there. 

           “The connection I feel like has been there because at least I had almost a school year last year to connect with the majority of my students, but because of Covid I have to admit it was really difficult, it was hard,” Allen said. 

Recently, Covid has made things difficult for him to get through to the students, limited to things such as calls and e-mails, but even then he has still been a huge help to the seniors. 

Lida Ghukasyan, a senior at Hoover, explains how. 

            “ No matter how busy he can be, he always finds time to be there to offer the best support and provide the best advice to all of his students. Not only has Mr. Allen been there for us as our counselor, but also as a friend, a support system, and a role model,” Ghukasyan said.

Allen has been a tremendous support system for the seniors. He’s helped them through all their problems, with college and aiding their path to their future, personal and social issues, and really anything else that they needed, he always managed to be there for them.

Allen has truly enjoyed his time at Hoover. Every moment of it had been spent well, even the tiny ones.

“They came in and were really nice to me. And I had so many students that just came into my office just to say hello, not even that they wanted anything, they just wanted to say hi to me and that part I’ll just never forget. I really am appreciative of that,” Allen said. 

He had formed a bond with his students that he will never forget. He had accomplished the trust between the seniors and got them to feel comfortable with him, and how he will not only be there as their counselor, but even just a person to talk to about anything. Allen was not a stranger to the seniors, he was a friend. 

Allen was a spectacular counselor at Hoover, but while he is definitely excited about his new teaching opportunity, he is also nervous. 

“I’m sure everyone is going to be super nice, but still it feels like I’m leaving home,” he said.

Even though Allen will be leaving Hoover, he will never forget the people he met and created bonds with along the way.

 “I’m going to miss working with the other counselors, they were really good to me,” he said. “I’m going to miss all my students, they also made things a lot of fun. And then I’m going to miss a lot of the teachers, all the teachers were really good to me too. I’ve made some really good friendships with the counselors, the students, and the teachers.”