Seventh exposure leads to quarantine

Seventh exposure leads to quarantine

By Andrew Torres, Staff Writer

Hoover High School received its seventh case of Covid-19 on Wednesday.

The student was on campus that day and was later sent home after proving to be positive. Unvaccinated students who were exposed may return back to school on September 10th if shown as asymptomatic and if students are vaccinated and show no symptoms are allowed to return to school the next day. 

Kris Lowe, a teacher at Hoover, has had students quarantine.

“I think Hoover is really mitigating the spread well and learning from the process,” said Lowe. “Students are becoming more educated and vaccination rates are increasing. I’m proud of our Ohana for their grit and always doing better!” 

Christina Oh, a junior at Hoover,  is in quarantine.

 “Quarantine has me using online resources to keep up with classes and materials that I’ve been using to catch up on work,” Oh said

There have been more than 300 students that have had to quarantine since the start of the school year. 

Head Football Coach Azad Herabidian of Hoover High has had challenges with Covid-19. 

 “It’s difficult to make last minute adjustments when you find out several players will be in quarantine for a game,” Herabidian said. “But all you can do is prepare as best as you can and play ball.”