Shahbazyan Suffers Third Straight Loss

By Ryan Choi and Abel Torosian


In UFC 268, Edmen Shahbazyan, a Hoover High graduate, experienced his third loss in a row this Saturday against Nassourdine Imavov in New York. Imavov took the throne against Shahbazyan, winning by second-round TKO.

Before the fight, Shahbazyan lost to Derek Brunson by TKO, and Jack Hermansonn by a Unanimous Decision. 

Ever since those losses he has been training at the Glendale Fighting Club to improve against grapplers.

In the first round, Shahbazyan made a strong start for himself against Imavov, connecting a series of light kicks to his opponent, eventually grappling and taking Imavov to the ground.

Imavov eventually managed to escape the grapple and the fighters reset back to neutral, both sharing stray hits and Shahbazyan striking Imavov with a poke to his right eye.

The second round started with Shahbazyan swiftly pinnining Imavov to the sides of the arena, however Imavov’s grappling overcame Shahbazyan. 

Imavov pinned Shahbazyan to the ground with a guillotine, but he escaped and the opponents returned to a pin.

The sides switched, with Imavov pinning Shahbazyan. After a decent struggle, Shahbazyan countered with a guillotine of his own on Imavov. 

Imavov took advantage of an exhausted Shahbazyan. Imavov took the opportunity and turned the situation in his favor, Imavov on top, Shahbazyan on the ground.

Shahbazyan suffered multiple elbows to the face and a series of strong punches, leading to a crucifix position. The fight ended with a TKO and Imavov left standing as the victor. 

Imavov goes 11-3 in his career, while Shahbazyan drops to 11-3.