Postmates takes over Hoover


By Aurora Johnson and Linus Hartigan

Students are rejecting school lunches and ordering take-out from fast-food restaurants available with food delivery services. Crowds are coming together at the front of school at lunch with students waiting for their food order. 

A sophomore at Hoover who preferred to stay anonymous said: “I’m waiting here for McDonald’s because at school they mainly just have pizza and those average sandwiches.”

While many students are accustomed to the food supplied by the school, and feel that it is a good way to get the substance they need, others feel like it could be missing something. Students sometimes feel that the food at school isn’t right for them, and if they have some cash to spare, it seems like a good decision to just order from a restaurant they know they like.

Another anonymous student said: “I order from Chipotle because I’d rather have something that tastes good and is organic.”

Students stand outside and wait for food delivery services, even waiting for all of lunch to get their food. Leaving classes or going during enrichment is also sometimes the only option to getting the lunch they paid for.

In the future, it should be expected that students will continue to use food delivery services at school. No food the school adds to its menu will prevent this from happening, since not everyone has the same taste. The only thing the school can do is let students choose what they want to eat, whether it’s supplied by the school, or any other organization.