Hoover Pom wins state

Varsity team takes state title, cheer team finishes in second; Coach Bacon named California State Dance Coach of the Year. 


By Victoria Perez and Andrew Torres

The Hoover High Varsity Pom team is the state champion. The Tornados beat out everyone in their division to claim first with a score of 94.5. 

The Hoover Cheer team came up short, falling to Capo Valley High School to finish in second place. 

“I personally felt so happy winning state. It showed how all of our dedication and hard work paid off,” said Trinity Hong, a captain and senior on the team who has been with them all four years. 

Senior Natalia Corrales, who is captain of the cheer team, felt great as she has not competed for over a year. 

“After being gone for so long coming in second as my last year in high school was just the cherry on top of the whole experience,” said Corrales. 

They both explained how being with the team has helped shape them to who they are today. 

“My favorite part about the competition is spending time with the team. I’m so thankful to have such a fun and supporting team that always have eachothers backs,” Hong said. 

Corrales was happy with the performance of her team as they reached first runner up in the competition. 

“For our first competition as a team we did amazing,” she said. “All of our stunts hit, motions were sharp, and our showmanship was great. I am so proud of everyone on my team and could not be appier.”

Coach Bridget Bacon was also awarded the title of California State Dance Coach of the Year. 

“It was an incredible weekend for all of our teams,” Bacon said. “All I can ever ask is for a team to take the floor, exploding with confidence, and being rewarded for their hard work. They understood the assignment.”