Tornados become Bruins


By Amy Zeynalyan and Jacob Siasat

At least six Hoover students may be taking their talents to UCLA. 

UCLA released its acceptance letters, which are now emails, and some Hoover seniors are now getting into their dream school.

“In that moment opening that email I just started crying and shaking,” said Colleen Nazarian, one of the lucky students who is now UCLA bound. “I couldn’t believe it.”

The number of applications was massive. In fact, UCLA received more admissions in Fall 2022 than they ever have. According to the LA Times, last year, UCLA accepted 8,436 students out of 84,182 applicants. This year, the Daily Bruin stated that there were 149,799 applications.

“I feel really proud of myself because UCLA is my dream school, and I know getting in is now one of my biggest accomplishments,” said Bella Levitsky, one of the seniors who were accepted. “When I first opened the letter, I was shocked and speechless.”

Levitsky and Nazarian have already decided on going to UCLA. However, some students are waiting until they make a final decision.

“I’m still waiting for more decisions, so I don’t know for sure where I’m going yet,” says Sarine Mardirosian, yet another student who was accepted. “However I was ecstatic, and ran to show my parents right away.”