Hoover Art Exhibit: A Flourishing Success


By Esteban Aguilar Cortez, Staff Writer

The Hoover Art Gallery was on the receiving end of a great turnout.

Hoover held an art exhibit titled: A Flourishing Success on Thursday for all students to be able to show their work across this school year. Organized by the art teacher, Evelyn Olvera and ceramics teacher Gina Brownstein, the experience was truly one of a kind as it showed much of the hard work that students had been through whether it was through a ceramic piece or in a painting. 

These students had been enrolled in an art class for three years and formed a part of one of the pathways offered at Hoover High.

Many showed up to the display and admired the work of their friends as and even of their own children for some of the visitors were parents. Students were even able to participate in hands-on activities such as sculpting with clay and painting. 

Fabian Ulloa, a junior at Hoover High, was one of the students who attended the art exhibit and was amazed by what he saw was made by others. 

“It is really impressive and I know a lot of people here that participated, all of the pieces are just beautiful,” Ulloa said. He would expand on this and say that he could not see himself working as hard as his friends did and have such amazing results. 

Their work was one of a kind and the variety of ceramic work as well as art pieces was great to see. Students who had their work displayed were happy to see all of the people coming to see it.

Demi Sedrakyan, a senior at Hoover High, was one of the students who displayed her artwork and stood out with her various pieces. 

“It is so exciting and rewarding working over the past three years and being here and having all of this and being here and showing all that I’ve worked for,” Sadrakyan replied when asked about how she felt about the exhibition. She would add that she was happy to see her work and have people talk to her about it. 

The exhibit is something that rewards students and gives them an opportunity for others to view what they worked on as well as to see what some of their peers had done. 

The art exhibit was great and many had fun, whether it was doing one of the activities or simply looking around and appreciating the beauty of what students had created. The exhibit will go until June 3 and some of the art work is even up for sale.