Senior Sunrise 2023


By Madison Luka, Staff Writer

    Hoover celebrated the class of 2023 with their annual Senior Sunrise on Friday, August 26, 2022. 

The event took place slightly later than it did previous years, starting at 7:30 AM. This was due to complications with the breakfast burrito delivery. 

The Hoover staff and ASB provided the Seniors with a choice of various burritos, which sold successfully as the students had breakfast together. 

The event itself was held on the Softball field and students were seen scattered around on blankets, taking photos, sharing food, and overall, enjoying their time together. 

The class of 2023 spent their hour untroubled, while ASB shared the tedious work that went into producing the event. 

Amanda Bystrom, Hoover’s ASB president stated, “I think the process was pretty stressful, trying to please everyone is a dauntless task and can never be done. But in the end, I think most people were happy with our outcome. It was our first major Senior event and I think that’s so intimidating, so it was definitely a learning experience. I’m excited for future events and I hope others are too,”