Heart of Hoover

Admin assistant, Hrachik Sardarbegian, celebrates her 25th year at Hoover


By Valina Foeillet and Amanda Jacob

Hrachik Sardarbegian is the heart of Hoover High School.

The loved administrative assistant has been at Hoover since 1999, marking this school year as her 25th as a Tornado.

Students and staff love Mrs. Hrachik, as she’s affectionately known. 

“Mrs. Hrachik is so cute! She’s like a bundle of joy!” said senior Arpi Solaimanian.

If a teacher or student need something, Mrs. Hrachik “knows everything.”

“She knows everything and has an answer to everything,” Hoover attendance clerk Maria Gharibian said. “She knows four languages. She’s a great colleague and is very helpful. I love working with her and we call her Prime Minister. She’s capable of handling hard situations and solving problems.”

Mrs. Hrachik chose to come to Hoover after Columbus Elementary and Glendale High because her kids attended Hoover when she arrived, and she lives close by, within walking distance from the school. Her oldest son, Henrik, graduated in 1999. Her second son, Gevik, graduated in 2001 and her daughter Talin graduated in 2008. “I’ve always loved Hoover,” she said. “I have some type of connection with Hoover.” 

While at Hoover, she has had many fond memories. 

Her most memorable moment at Hoover was her first BGD game. 

“The crowd was ginormous and the school spirit was much more vivid and lively,” she said. Mrs. Hrachik is known to be in charge of Hoover. 

“If I was in charge of Hoover, I would be the principal,” she joked.

She also shared her favorite part of her job. 

“Honestly my favorite part of my job would be the students. I love seeing all their faces. They bring me happiness.” 

Hoover has changed over the years. 

“Hoover has changed a lot over the years,” she said. “The culture is wiser and more diverse. The teaching has also changed.” 

She also shared her past and dream job, one that she would have done because she loves traveling. 

“Before working for the district, I was a secretary at an American oil company in Iran,” she said. “My dream job since I was younger was to become a flight attendant.” 

There’s a phase she lives by.

“Live today to the fullest, don’t think about tomorrow or yesterday, today is what matters.”