Ramos comes back home

Hoover grad takes over Tornado girls’ soccer JV team.


By Valina Foeillet and Juliet Ixtlahuac

Leonel Ramos, a new coach to hoover, wishes to achieve his goal in helping his players succeed in soccer. 

“I wanted to become a coach because I want my players to know that it’s okay to fail one or three times, just keep going and don’t give up,” he said. “I was given this opportunity because I had lost my job and my former coach from Hoover, Luis Ardiano offered me the position.”

When Ramos heard this he was very excited because for him, it was an opportunity to change the perspective of players and make sure they don’t lose hope no matter what.

It wasn’t just a job to Ramos because he needed it, it was something that he really liked. 

“I’m hoping to become a professional soccer player and I want my players to build strength so that they can play well and be even stronger on their own.”

“When I was 5 I started to play soccer as a sport to try it out and even though I didn’t play for so long because it was banned in my school, it was something I really enjoyed.”

As an 8th grader Ramos went back to playing soccer but he wasn’t good until his senior year. 

It’s why coaching soccer was important to him because even though he never gave up and moved forward, he knew how it sometimes felt to want to. 

“You definitely need a lot of self love, you especially have to be confident in yourself but not too cocky either.”

Coaching soccer requires a lot of work and especially connection and cooperation with the players which is something that everyone has to put work into.

Said Ramos: “Coaching for girls is definitely easier than for boys because the girls listen and the boys tend to always want things their way.”