Learning and Teaching

Ian Duong is a student-teacher at Hoover while getting his teaching credential at USC.


By Leo Piloyan and David Zakaryan

Meet Ian Duong; a Hoover High School student-teacher, and a student at USC. 

Duong is currently getting his teaching credential at USC and teaching U.S. History as a student-teacher, his first time teaching. 

“It’s a little tough, considering I do have to help Dr. Step lesson plan, and then also have to teach one period, and then also have to go to class after, and then also on top of that, there’s a lot of schoolwork that I have to do,” Duong said.

This is known as multitasking, to a different extent. 

¨It just takes a lot of time, um, time and a lot of balancing between schoolwork, lesson-planning, and then also supporting students when they do need help, emails, things like that, and everyone’s different, everyone has different experiences,” he said.

On top of that, Duong has a vast majority of schoolwork that must be graded too. This is something that not many people can do, nonetheless keep up with. 

“Ian is awesome,” Stepanyan said. “He is a really good teacher. He cares about the students and does a great job of delivering the lessons. He’s creative. He’s engaging. He’ll be a great teacher and a great addition to any school that he teaches at.”

¨I think he’s a really good teacher, and I think his career path is a very good choice for him, since he’s really good at teaching and he is very ecstatic,” said Stephan Mnoyan, a junior in Duong’s U.S. History class.

Duong is a man who is set up for difficult challenges, and is ready to overcome them. 

“Again, I love challenges, but at the same time this is most time efficient I would say, considering that there are shortages for teachers, so what is best for me to get my degree, but also get my credential at the same time, just so I can hopefully be out in the field next school year,” he said. 

Teaching can  be easy at first, but after some time, your classes may overlap each other, which may be a significant problem for Huong. 

¨Right now I’m teaching only one, but next semester we are wrapping it up to two, which will be both the US History and psychology-sociology class, but eventually the goal is to get to the entire day, so all the classes eventually,” he said.