Hoover drops league match

Short-handed girls’ soccer squad loses to Burroughs, 4-0, on Tuesday at home.


By Katherine Nalchajyan, Staff Writer

The Hoover girls’ soccer team lost their second league home game against Burroughs High School, 4-0, on Tuesday.

Although Hoover put up a tough fight despite having no substitutions, it was defeated.

Only 11 minutes into the first half, Samantha Sizemore made the first goal from inside the box. The game then continued with the possession of the ball switching back and forth between Hoover and Burroughs.

Later on in the first half the game turned to be more defensive on Hoover’s part, although, Hoover’s forward Fiona Gilbert made several close attempts to score during the first half.  

In the last couple minutes of the first half Graciela Gomez was able to score another goal for Burroughs, leading the game, 2-0, at the half. 

Only six minutes into the second half of the game, another goal was scored by Burroughs making the score, 3-0.

With only five minutes remaining in the second half, Burroughs was handed a free kick which was taken by Julia Narmore, who scored and made the final score of the game.

When asked how the team could improve, Hoover Coach Alberto Ardiano replied with, “I think our chemistry and also I think a lot has to do with the girls making sure to be holding each other accountable, that really is it because I think when someones not here, it affects the overall chemistry of the team.”

“We lost because our chemistry wasn’t there, we had missing players in our defense and that’s where we lacked,” stated team captain Emilie Shahvosian. “But I think this is probably our best season so far so I have high hopes for the rest of our games.”

Hoover’s next game will take place at Crescenta Valley High School on Friday.