Hoover loses BGD


By Nathan Martinez and Vincent Abechian

The Hoover girls’ soccer team lost to Glendale High, 4-1, game on Friday at home.

The game started off well, but took a turn when Glendale scored a goal at the 15th minute mark of the first half. Nine minutes later Glendale scored another goal in the 24th minute. 

“I think we’re not playing the game that we should. I know the level and potential of this team, and it was not the outcome we should have had,” Head Coach Alberto Ardiano said. 

Ten minutes later Lillian Yousefian scored a goal for Hoover, giving the team hope.

“It felt really good. I thought it wasn’t gonna go in, but I took a chance and it went over her head and made a goal there,” Yousefian said. 

After halftime, it was a game of back and forth until Glendale scored once again at the 65th minute mark. Then, Glendale scored the final goal of the game three minutes later, making the final score.

When asked about how the team could improve from this game, Ardiano replied, “We need to have numbers because the girls are tired and drained out. It’s just getting more numbers so we can replenish the ones out on the field.”

“Never give up, keep trying, and we’ll get another goal in and win the game,” Yousefian answered.