Hakopian returns to Keppel family

Former student and Hoover grad becomes an AP at the school she grew up in.


From being a student at Mark Keppel Elementary, to becoming the assistant principal  just months ago, Dr. Narineh Hakopian returned to be part of the Keppel family once again in late September. 

After graduating Hoover 2000, Hakopian attended Glendale Community College and transferred to Cal State LA to get her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. She then went to Pepperdine University and received a Masters in Education with a Multiple Subject Credential. Years later she returned to Pepperdine University again to receive her Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy.

“I love GUSD,” Hakopian said.

She grew up in Glendale, and attended Mark Keppel, Toll and Hoover as a student. 

Hakopian started working in education for GUSD in 2001 as an Educational Assistant and became a teacher in 2008. Later, she worked as a teacher specialist and then an Assistant Principal at Rosemont Middle School for two years. 

“Middle school to elementary school is a little bit different,” Hakopian said.

“The day to day tasks are the same, it’s just on a different level, connecting with students, as they get older they have needs and different problems that need to be solved. In addition, elementary schools have different activities ,and it is a lot of fun participating with students and staff in all the different opportunities, such as Keppel Rock, Art Day, and so much more.”

Hakopian knew from a young age that she would do something in the education field. As a middle school and high school student, she loved to go back to Mark Keppel even after she was promoted to help her former teachers. 

“You want students to know you care at all levels. It’s all for the students, everyone that works at Mark Keppel makes sure that they are here  to support students,” Hakopian said.

As Hakopian finished off her second trimester at Mark Keppel she said, “the Keppel staff, students and parents have been super kind and welcoming. Working with Ms. [Kristine] Tonoli, Mark Keppel’s Principal, is a dream come true! I have been learning from Ms. Tonoli and it has been very exciting experiencing the magic that is Mark Keppel”