Will it break?

Physics class attempts Egg Drop experiment.


By Ryan Avakian and Brandon Stepanyan

Eric Robinson’s physics class attempted a lab called the Egg Drop on Friday. The egg drop consists of a group of students figuring out how they can keep an egg’s condition and shell safe after using materials given to them and throwing it in the air/dropping it from a certain floor.

The project  was conducted in the lower quad outside Robinson’s classroom and the rules for this specific test was it could either be wrapped in something to dampen the landing and act like a landing gear for the egg or have a parachute tide onto it. 

The materials that the students could use consisted of 16 bendy straws, a foot and a half of tape, and there were three special items. Only one of the three items can be chosen and used by each team, the three items that the students were able to choose from were four rubber bands, a sheet of paper, or one flashcard. 

“We were excited but nervous to find out what happened to our egg. We put a lot of effort into keeping it safe and sound by adding a lot of barriers around it; thankfully it didn’t break when it hit the ground,” said David Aslanyan, a student in Robinson’s class. 

Most eggs that didn’t crack after landing were because they used parachutes. Robinson did this lab with every period he had and most people found it to be fun and an interesting test.

“I thought our design was going to fail but it didn’t, when I saw my egg hit the floor I thought it was over; but it survived it and you can say we took inspiration for our design from the battle bus in Fortnite,” said Tomik Yariganian, a student in the class.