Duong gets his masters


Ian Duong, a student teacher in Hoover High School, graduated with a masters degree in arts of teaching from USC on Friday.

Duong’s schedule was filled with continuous driving between USC and Hoover.

“It definitely was somewhat tiring waking up everyday at 6:30 a.m. driving all the way to Hoover, teaching here for the full day and driving to USC in traffic for an hour and then have to sit in class for another 2-3 hours was definitely tuff but manageable and worth it in the end,” Duong said.

Duong wanted to get his credentials in single subject social history to be able to become a history teacher. 

“Hopefully if everything works out, I’ll be able to teach at Hoover because it’s my first choice due to its fun students, nice environment and overall positive attitude I get from teaching these kids,” he said.

Duong does not live in Glendale and if he does decide to teach in Glendale, Duong has decided “for now I don’t plan on living in Glendale or moving because it’s not too far away from the places I need to get to.” 

Duong’s original goal before entering USC and graduating afterward has not changed.

“I always wanted to be a teacher for the students and help them out with what they want to do with their lives and how to develop their communication skills, just figure out who they are,” he said.

“And after going through the program and teaching at Hoover and meeting the students, I don’t think my goal has changed at all. Hopefully I also encouraged many other students to do the same with their future plans.”

Duong would like to teach either US history or World History at Hoover and is also open to teach advanced placement classes, as well.

Duong said “he likes Social Science due to how much communication is held between the student and teacher.”