Song of the Week: Big Fish


By Albert Luna 

    Big Fish by Vince Staples is one of the few clean rap/hip-hop songs in my library. On this song Staples’ raps about several things including money, women, and his hometown. Big Fish Theory, the album, was released on June 23 of this year which makes it Staples’ most recent studio album.
    On the hook of Big Fish, Staples raps about “Countin’ up hundreds by the thousand” but this shouldn’t fool the listener. He is not obsessed with showing off his money and rather spend it on helping the youth in Long Beach. Talking about Long Beach, he also mentions three locations like Artesia Boulevard, Sawyer Street, and Ramona Park.
    Staples says “Women problems every morning like the Maury show.” He makes a reference to the famous Maury show that solves disputes between people on topics like paternity tests and relationship problems. His women problems he talks about was his ex who he he broke up with in September 2015 after being on and off with her since middle school.
    Although some of Staples’ lyrics can be considered gangster rap, like when he says “the skinny carry strong heat”, he does not consider himself a gangster rapper.
    Big Fish is not the only good track on Big Fish Theory, so I recommend a good listen to the whole album.