Game Review: Fortnite Battle Royale


By Jordan Eghdamzamiri



The free-to-play game whose popularity is booming across the communities of console gamers, Fortnite: Battle Royale, is a game to play for all who wish to play a game just a bit different from any shooter they have ever experienced before. This third-person shooter has been trending across the internet from Xbox and PlayStation, to YouTube, to Twitter, and all of the popular gaming sites, such as IGN.

Epic Games’ masterful product allows for a massive skill gap between skilled and inexperienced players, mainly due to its interactive environment, where players can destroy buildings, trees, and other structures with the default pickaxe, as well the weapons that players must scavenge once they land after skydiving from the unique battle bus.

However, Fortnite, like all other games on the market, is far from a perfect game.  The main gripe surrounding Fortnite: Battle Royale is its lack of replayability for extensive stretches of time.

Compounding this issue, the gameplay can seem quite repetitive at times, where the objective is to simply outlast all other players or teams in the match, without much variation in experience while doing so.

However, despite these senses of boredom after about three to four games in a sitting, Epic Games did a wonderful job with Fortnite: Battle Royale, with balanced game-play, plus a masterfully implemented skill gap, and innovation in the interactive environment makes for a fun, quick arcade-style game that deviates from any third-person shooters that gamers have ever seen before.