Tornado Kitchen: Peanut Brittle


By Vera Arestakesyan


Caramelized nuts. The name itself makes me start drooling. It’s one of the easiest (and tastiest) things to make. If you’ve never tasted some, now’s the time. A super simple recipe, with the result being instantaneously ready and waiting to be eaten, beckoning. It is no exaggeration, the greatness of brittle.

Go ahead and get your pan… food has never been less elementary.
-1/2 cup peanuts
-3 tbsp sugar
• This recipe makes around 2 bars. Same ratio holds for larger/more servings. 
1- Have a piece of wax paper ready. (Around 8 by 4 inches). A cold marble surface might suffice as well.
2- Melt the sugar in a pan. (To make caramel)
3- Add the peanuts to the sugar.
4- Quickly flatten the caramelized peanuts on the surface of the paper, or the marble.
5- After a few seconds, the it will become solid, and you’ll be able to scrub it off using a spatula.
6- Eat.