Nostalgia Series: What We Used to Read

The books that we all grew up reading.

By: Iffat Alam

Whether you grew up in California or New York, we have all read these classic books. They nurtured our imaginations and taught us to dream big, while at the same time showed us what compassion and empathy were. Wherever you were in elementary school, you were sure to have one of these in your backpack!

  1. Geronimo Stilton
    This classic mouse with his round glasses and epic adventures had us all hooked! Not to mention the books were far from boring with vibrant colors and pictures that brought the story to life!
  2. Magic Tree House
    These enchanting books whisked us away to different times in history and brought new perspective to us as young students. Following Jack and Annie from place to place was exciting as we learned new things and “met” new people.
  3. Harry Potter
    This classic is one of the most infamous books of our time. By the end of the first book, we were already saying spells and rooting for our favorite couple: Rob and Hermione!
  4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
    Greg struggles to survive middle school alongside his bestfriend Rowley. These books had us all rooting for the underdogs.
  5. Series Of Unfortunate Events                                                                                                   Unlike every other children’s book, this one does not end in a happily ever after. The Baudelaire children: Violet, Sunny, and Klaus, are followed in a series of unfortunate events after they are orphaned and left to fend on their own. It had all our attention waiting to see whether the three would make it out of Count Olaf’s clutches.