Fortnite Builds a New Season


          Fortnite has released their new Season Four update, and the time has once again come where children attempt to sneak into their parents’ bedrooms to steal their credit cards in the hopes of buying the Battle Pass for the new season with new skins, dances, emotes, and landing equipment.  And when the attempt to take their credit card fails, the child pleads that he is sorry for the attempt, and will earn an ass-whooping instead of getting the money needed to buy the pass.

          Outside of the aesthetic changes that have been released with the major update, the new season brought with it a major change in the map layout.  Dusty Depot has become Dusty Divot with the crater teases in previous weeks that most of the community believed marked the end of Tilted Towers.

          Dusty Divot and the other minor locations hit by meteors have new chest locations, and most notably, new hop-rocks that a player can consume and jump high in the air to and from the new high-tech military base in the massive crater that covers the area where three warehouses once stood.

          The completely new area added into the map was Risky Reels, a new motel area that has one of the many mini-crater locations added into the map, containing a decent amount of chests and other loot.

          Also, a new evil mountain lair has been added to a mountain between Snobby Shores and Haunted Hills.  The cave does not contain much loot, but it is an extraordinary aesthetic that has much speculation on whether or not the base will have much of an impact on the ending of Season Four, just as Season Four went underway.

          These new additions to the map are sure to create a new dynamic for gunplay within these areas, with players flying above and below trying to hit an improbable shot that reminds them of their days playing Call of Duty or Halo.

           A few days following the release of the Season Four update, a groundbreaking development came for Epic Games, who were able to collaborate with Marvel in order to implement Thanos into Fortnite.

          A new mode called Infinity Gauntlet was added, where a Thanos costume randomly drops onto the map, and the person who attains the suit gains a smash ability, a laser, and a punch ability with a multiplied amount of health and shield. Once Thanos is killed, his armor falls to the ground and the player who claims it plays as Thanos until they are killed, or they are the last man standing.

          Infinity Gauntlet is a fan-favorite game mode that has created a new battle royale experience that incorporates a different feel to its classic player versus player gameplay.

           This update has certainly re-emphasized the game of Fortnite and brought it back from what was a rough patch for the game, and it is time to spend hours on the weekends trying to rack in wins with their friends.