TV Update


By Michelle Shvedov

Manifest: This show came out September 24, 2018 and already has very high ratings. It is about a plane that disappeared for 5 years and then came back with all the passengers on board. The twist is, the passengers didn’t age a day and don’t believe they were missing for 5 years. To them it felt like a normal flight with some heavy turbulence. It is up to the government and police to help solve the mystery of flight 828.
Riverdale: This is a very popular show that has 2 seasons our already. It is a story based on the Archie Comics, about a group of teenage friends solving mysteries together. The huge mystery is about someone called the Black Hood who torments and kills many characters on the show. Season 3 of Riverdale is scheduled to air October 10, 2018, and the fans are very excited.