Five Ways To Reduce Stress

Five Ways To Reduce Stress

By Chiara Shafrazian

1. Take time for self-care.

It’s important in order to stay stress free, you place focus on yourself. Do things that make you happy, for example take care of your skin by doing a face mask. Get your brows done, yes boys this applies to you too. The little things matter.


2. Change your mentality

Instead of saying you can’t do it, say you can. Don’t bring yourself down or take too much of a workload. You need to set goals for yourself, but not too many or you will burn yourself out. It’s important to set boundaries and realize it’s okay to not do it all. When you focus too much time on your school life, you start to push others away and it affects your wellbeing. Learn to take everything with a positive outlook.


3. Take breaks between studying

Studying without taking any breaks is extremely stressful. It’s best to read over your notes and take breaks. For every hour you study, take a 20 minute break. This results in better memorization and also less stress.


4. Exercise

One of the main ways to deal with stress is by exercising. Not only will you be healthier physically, but also mentally. This will lead to reduced stress, as when you exercise you become more calm.


5. Start your assignment once it’s been assigned

Procrastination  leads to stress. Many students wait until last minute to start their assignments which can easily be avoided. If you have a few days to work on something, start it as soon as it’s assigned so that you can avoid the stress it will bring later when you only have a few hours to do it. Not procrastinating leads to less stress which leads to more sleep. In total, you will be much happier.