Top five Places to Study

Top five Places to Study

By Chiara Shafrazian 

We can’t always get peace and quiet when we want to study

1. The Library

This one is an obvious choice as libraries are quiet and good places to maintain your focus as there aren’t people to derail your concentration.

2. Your Room

Lock your room and keep electronics far away to make sure you have no distractions. It’s important to stay focused when studying because it’s very easy to break concentration.

3. Coffee Shop

Coffee shops offer soothing music to help you focus on your studies. Take your laptop or schoolwork to the nearest Starbucks and get to working. You can relax with a drink and a small snack to keep your energy up.

4. An Empty Classroom or Hallway

If you’re at school and need to study and the library isn’t an option you can always find a empty classroom to work in or just sit down in the hallway and finish your work.

5. A Tutoring Center

Not only is this a good place to study but if you need help with an assignment, you can easily ask for it. Sometimes we study best when there’s noise rather than silence, so this might be the best place for you