Quote of the week


By Stephanie Majinian 

“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” – Sam Levenson

Some of the two hardest things for students to have, especially in high school, is time management and motivation.

This quote can apply to both necessities.

When I was in freshman year, I then realized how important time was. Time is precious, and if not used wisely, much trouble will accompany the misuse of every hour.

It is important to be motivated and get things done right away. The earlier someone acquires the skill of time management, the better. Time management is needed in all parts of life, including school, college, jobs, and attending events.

Being punctual is crucial, but so is being motivated.

The motivation to get things done and be punctual is what will keep your life on track. Staying on track is a hard skill. But, with motivation and time management, it will become easier.

It will be helpful to remember this quote when a huge project needs to be completed, when an essay needs to get done, or you need to get started on that homework assignment that you have been dreading.

It will make things easier and simpler in the long run.