Answer the following questions and answer A, B, C, or D and keep track of your results. At the end, see your results.

  1. What do you mostly get in trouble for as a teen and a child?

 A.] I never have and never do get in trouble

B.] Wearing inappropriate clothes

C.] Acting rude and disruptive in class

D.] Talking back to my parents

  1. What do people notice about you first?

A.] My intelligence

B.] My looks

C.] My confidence

D.] My sense of humor

  1. How well are you doing in school so far (academically and citizenship wise)?

A.] I have one of the top grades

B.] I am popular so that’s all that matters

C.] I was the class clown so that makes up for my grades

D.] My grades are average

  1. What’s your favorite class?

A.] Science

B.] English

C.] Debate class or anything with public speaking

D.] Gym

  1. How much effort do you put into your work?

A.] I put all of my effort

B.] Just enough to get by half of my effort

C.] Just enough to get by

D.] I don’t care


As- Your ideal job is a doctor. You are intelligent, hardworking, and diligent. You are also compassionate and care about others.

Bs-  Your ideal job is a model. You are obsessed with your appearance and making sure that your facade is always in place. You love being the center of attention and showing others your impeccable talents.

Cs-  Your ideal job is a motivational speaker/ public speaker.  You have an intense sense of humor that always lightens up the room. Although you may not be the best in academics, you still have a lot of potential. You are excellent at public speaking and sharing your own ideas because of your high confidence

Ds-  Your ideal job is an athlete. You are highly competitive and enjoy participating in sporting events. You also have a sense of humor.

Variety- Your ideal job is a professor. You have excellent communication skills, a strong work ethic, and are friendly towards people.

Kristen Marshal