Personality Test



  1. You wake up in the middle of a forest. The path that goes on ahead of you, a path that goes on behind you, and a path that goes off to the side. Which path do you take?

A.] The path ahead

B.] The path behind

C.] The path to the side

  1. As you walk along the path, you see an animal, and you get the feeling it wants you to follow it. Which of these animals is it?

A.] Deer

B.] Wolf

C.] Owl

  1. You follow it to a clearing in the woods, where you find a building. Which of these buildings is it?

A.] A bunker

B.] A small wooden cottage

C.] A large stone house

  1. You enter the building. Inside, there is a table, and there is an object on the table. Which object is it?

A.] A pen

B.] A compass

C.] A locket


A’s- Future/ Achievement/ Work

Your focus is on the future and you always ponder about your life ahead. You are kind, optimistic, and a sweet person. You are hard working and always strive to achieve the best. You value creativity and hard work which is how you will achieve your goals.

B’s- Past/ Leader/ Warm/ Experience

You think a lot about your past experiences and how they have shaped you now. You are a remarkable leader and are not afraid to take risks. You are warm, inviting, and a comforting friend. You value exploration and experiences the most as they help you develop as a person.

C’s- Present/ Intelligent/ Achievement/ Love

You are focused on the present and making the most of what is going on around you right now. You are intelligent and wise. You are hard working and you value love and relationships in life.

Kristen Marshal