1. The ____________ opened only the third presidential impeachment trial in history on January 16, swearing in the chief justice of the United States, John G. Roberts Jr., as the presiding officer.

A.] House of Representatives

B.] International Criminal Court

C.] Senate

D.] Supreme Court

  1. On January 13, Major League Baseball announced that the Houston Astros had cheated by __________  during the regular season and playoffs of their World Series-winning 2017 season.

A.] doctoring baseballs

B.] using illegal steroids

C.] putting cork in their bats

D.] stealing signs

  1. Attorney General William P. Barr declared on January 13 that a deadly shooting last month at a naval air station in Florida was an act of terrorism, and he asked ____________ to provide ______________  used by the gunman.

A.] Apple; access to two phones

B.] firearm dealers; sales records of weapons

C.] Google; internet search data

D.] medical professionals; a list of prescription medications

  1. Thousands of __________  converged on the Virginia State Capitol on Jan. 20, flooding a secure area around the building and packing the surrounding streets with firearms, flags and political posters.

A.] Bernie Sanders supporters

B.] marchers from a nearby Martin Luther King Jr. parade

C.] participants in a Civil War reenactment

D.] pro-gun advocates

  1. President Trump signed an initial trade deal with ____________  on Jan. 15, bringing the first chapter of a protracted and economically damaging fight with one of the world’s largest economies to a close.

A.] Britain

B.] China

C.] Russia

D.] Ukraine

Accurate Responses:

C., D., A., D., B

Kristen Marshal