What Natural Disaster Are You?





  1. On a scale of one to four, how angry do you get?

                  A.] 1- calm and collected

                  B.] 2- contained anger

                  C.] 3- exposed anger

                  D.] 4- anger out of control


  1. What is your astrological element?

      A.] Water

      B.] Earth

      C.] Air

      D.] Fire


  1. What is your initial reaction in a dire situation?

      A.] Remain calm, and logically assess the situation

      B.] Get a little stressed, but try to solve the problem

      C.] Worry about how the situation will affect others

      D.] Start freaking out about the situation and blame others for the result


  1. What is your favorite color?

      A.] Blue

      B.] Green

      C.] White or black

      D.] Red or orange


  1. What sounds more scary?

      A.] Not being able to control everything

      B.] The world slowly diminishing because of pollution

      C.] Getting a low grade on an exam

      D.] Other people trying to press their opinions on me




As- You are a hurricane. You like to speed through everything, but take time to determine the effects and outcomes of your choices.


Bs- You are an earthquake. You are highly unpredictable and make choices spontaneously, which you usually regret later.


Cs- You are a tornado. You have a very specific path that you want to follow, and you don’t like when people impress their ideas upon you. You prefer to make your own choices and follow your own rules.


Ds- You are a volcanic eruption. You are hot tempered which causes you to make bad decisions sometimes, but you are also independent and individualistic.

Kristen Marshal