What Is Your Ideal Pet? (Personality Test)

What Is Your Ideal Pet? (Personality Test)



Keep track of how many times you choose an answer. Then, view your results at the end of the quiz.

  1. How do react when you are in an argument?

A.] I don’t argue, I just calmly explain my opinion

B.] I rarely get into arguments

C.] I fight and make sure that my point of view has been heard

D.] Fight back and hold a grudge

  1. What would be your ideal weekend?

A.] Reading a good book

B.] Catch up on any work I am behind on

C.] Relax and watch TV

D.] Spending time with my family or friends

  1. Choose a holiday destination.

A.] London

B.] Rome

C.] Florida

D.] Paris

  1. Are you responsible?

A.] Yes

B.] Most of the time

C.] Not really

D.] No


As- Your ideal pet is a dog. You are responsible, and are able to take care of another living thing besides yourself. Dog’s take a lot of time and care, but with your considerate personality, you will excel at taking care of your new pet.

Bs- Your ideal pet is a cat. You are mostly responsible and make sure that you are in control of events. Although taking care of cats is not as difficult as being responsible for a dog, cats do deserve love and affection which you can give.

Cs- Your ideal pet is a hamster. Even though you may not be that responsible, you are still able to take care of a pet. Hamsters do need love and attention like any other animal, however you do not need to constantly take them outside.

Ds- Your ideal pet is a fish. Fish do not require much attention, however one must feed the fish and change its habitat’s water regularly in order to prevent the fish from dying.

Kristen Marshal