1. Kobe Bryant, the retired ___________  star who was one of the greatest to play the game, and his 13-year-old daughter were among the nine people killed in a helicopter crash on Jan. 26 outside Los Angeles.

A.] baseball

B.] basketball

C.] football

D.] hockey

  1. An international outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a deadly _______  has killed at least 56 people and sickened at least 2,000, according to Chinese health authorities.

A.] coronavirus

B.] influenza virus

C.] measles infection

D.] polio virus

  1. A divided Senate began the impeachment trial of President Trump on Jan. 21 in acrimony, as Republicans blocked Democrats’ efforts to _____________ and moderate Republicans forced last-minute changes to rules that had been tailored to the president’s wishes.

A.] allow senators who are currently running for president to spend additional time in Iowa and New Hampshire before the primaries

B.] call President Trump to testify

C.] subpoena witnesses and documents related to Ukraine

D.] televise the trial during prime-time hours

  1. At the 62nd annual Grammy Awards on Jan. 26, _________ won five awards, including the four most prestigious and competitive prizes — album, record and song of the year, and best new artist.

A.] Ariana Grande

B.] Billie Eilish

C.] Lil Nas X

D.] Lizzo

  1. On Jan. 24, President Trump became the first sitting president to address the annual ___________  in person.

A.] March for Life

B.] Extinction Rebellion protest

C.] Take Back the Vote march

D.] Women’s March

Accurate Responses:

B, A, C, B, A

Kristen Marshal