Price plays his way down the “path”


Price plays his way down the “path”

At the age of eleven, Ethan Price (`20) picked up a ukulele, starting his music journey. He began music lessons with Michael Quest, who taught him for three years. Price began learning songs originally meant to be played on the guitar, which led him to pick up a guitar. Price began playing guitar when he was twelve and has continued to this day.

Recently, Price has turned to learn more advanced techniques from online.

His sophomore year strolled around and a flyer caught his eye while he was walking through the halls. Music Path was written across the flyer in bold ink.

“I saw the posters, went to the meeting, saw a bunch of other people there, and the rest is history,” Price said.

Music Path is a program that allows students to collaborate with other students in school to make music. Bands are formed at the beginning of the year with the opportunity to perform covers or original songs at a performance each semester. The second semester includes a battle of the bands.

Junior year, Price and three other guys, Eric Markarian (`21), Jedrek Daneteras (`20), and Arthur Aharonian (`21),  joined forces to create the band Blank Shore.

Blank Shore has a broad music style, where Price says he falls into the category of “psychedelic rock.”

Last year in Price’s AP Spanish Literature class, he was inspired by the history of the Moors invasion of Spain which resulted in the song “Moor Killer.”

The song title comes from the name given by the King and Queen of Spain to Saint James the Moor Killer and encompasses the idea that “if you die in war you die a glorious death,” Price said.

Since joining the band, Price has shown his growth as a musician.

“He’s become much more knowledgeable in theory, rhythm, chord structure and soloing,” band member Aharonian said.

Along with growth, Price has established a reputation of being “hardworking and determined,” band member Daneteras said.

Within the Music Path performances, Price has created a stage presence, drawing the audience’s attention towards him.

“The last time I heard him was the Music Path concert and it made me realize how talented he actually is,” sister Allie Price (`21) said.

Price takes musical inspiration from other bands with a similar music style to his, these bands include Tame Impala, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, and Electric Octopus.

His favorite album from King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Sketches of Brunswick East, has a jazz emphasis.

“I take so much inspiration from them because they’re always willing to try something new,” Price said. “They’re always willing to try something new but they always sound like the band.”

Not only is Price a musician but he is also a three-dimensional artist with a focus on 3D modeling.

During his freshman year, he took animation 1-2 that introduced him to 3D modeling.

“The last assignment of that year was to create a character model in 3D,” Price said.

The next year he began taking digital arts classes with Mr. Pinsker and used online resources to grow his knowledge of 3D modeling.

“I’ve seen his drawing, technical, and conceptual abilities improve dramatically over four years,” digital arts teacher Mr. Pinsker said.

Price has taken digital art classes outside of school at Art Center, and Gnomon.

Price will find ideas on Art Station, a showcase platform for games, film, media, and entertainment artists, and contact the artist to gain permission to transform them into 3D. He has also created original work to challenge himself.

After high school, Price plans to pursue a job in 3D character modeling for animation.

“It’s been a passion of mine for a long time,” Price said.

Ashton Eidem