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Vans is an inexpensive shoe brand that makes both high top and low top shoes. They have become popular once the “skaters” began wearing them to school. From there the widespread of Vans’ shoes have taken off.

Of all the different designs that the shoes are made in there are two that are worn more than the rest, especially among high school students.

The first style is an all-black hightop shoe with a Vans signature white logo on the side.Image result for most popular vans styleCredit: Sunco

The second style is a low top shoe with a checkerboard design.

Image result for vans checkered shoescredit:Vans

This checkered idea goes both ways. In the picture above the shoe is all black with white checkerboard.

However,the photo below contains a white shoe with black checkerboard.Image result for vans checkered shoesCredit:Runrepeat

Both the low and high top shoes match every outfit.

Zoe Romano