‘No thanks’ to the vaccine

There are still those opposed to the idea of getting the vaccine at Hoover High

No thanks to the vaccine

By Esteban Aguilar Cortez and Andrew Torres, Staff Writers

With 181 million Americans vaccinated, there are still those opposed to the idea of it. Especially with an increased number of covid exposures at Hoover High School there are still those who are yet to get vaccinated or are opposed to the idea of getting vaccinated. 

There are students who wish to get vaccinated but might not be able to because of their parent’s decisions. And there are also students who simply do not want to get vaccinated and want to just wait out the pandemic. 

Marcelino Marquez, a junior at Hoover High, is one of these students yet to get vaccinated. 

“I’m going to get it though, I just haven’t planned out getting my vaccine,” said Marquez when asked if he was planning on being vaccinated. 

When asked about if he was scared of getting covid, Marquez said, “ I am not scared, even though I could catch it, I am always wearing my mask and staying away from people a lot to avoid contact with them.” 

There are other students as well waiting to get vaccinated and also believe they’ll be fine regardless of the vaccine. Students have all been notified that there are vaccine clinics at Hoover High but say they are fine because they get tested often at school as well. 

Ava Carrillo, a sophomore at Hoover, is amongst these students who are yet to get vaccinated.

“No, I’m not scared of the virus since I don’t have the vaccine,” she said. “I mean would having it help me feel more protected? Yes, yes it would” 

These are only a few students who although aren’t vaccinated, seem eager to get it and be safe on campus. There are also various vaccination clinics and testing locations around the school and on campus as well. It is very easy for students to get tested or get vaccinated if they wish to do so.