Family is Untouchable


By Samvel Arakelyan, Staff Writer

The Untouchables were untouchable in Hoover’s three-on-three boys’ basketball tournament.

The team of Zack Van Patten, Anthony Van Patten and Jenghiz Van Patten won all four of their games to claim the title. The trio won the tournament with a 21-12 victory on Thursday against OVO, which consisted of Kyle Arakelian, Michael Fernandez and Daniel Simon. All six members of the both teams played on the Hoover varsity basketball team.

“I had fun. It was fun to play with my brother since it was his last year at Hoover,” Zack Van Patten said.

Zack Van Patten hit a three-pointer to give his team the final score in Thursday’s victory, shortly after his brother, Anthony, gave his team an 18-8 lead with a three-pointer of his own.

The Untouchables took a 9-2 at one point, but then OVO made a comeback, almost tying the score at 9-8. The Untouchables then scored 10 straight points, capped off by Anthony’s three-pointer as more than 50 people looked on

“I thought it was really cool how we got something to do at lunch. It made an inclusive environment and there was a really nice crowd. I definitely think it should happen again in the future,” Anthony Van Patten said.