A Book of Memories


By Natalia Khodaverdi and Ani Weimar

All of the Hoover High School memories were almost forgotten when the yearbook was in danger of being dropped completely last year due to the lack of student interest. 

Jessie Lim stepped in and took over the class with new students and more participation in keeping the tradition of the yearbook going.  

People don’t really see the behind the scenes of yearbook. Students just know that the students in Yearbook walk around school and ask to take pictures of others who show school spirit. 

Yearbook was in danger last year after there was a lack of involvement from students to join the class. 

However, there is a different teacher this year. 

Lim is the new yearbook teacher, and when asked about whether she enjoys being the teacher or not, she gave an intriguing response, “I really look forward to this class,” she said.

“The amount of work Mr. [Victor] Mejia had to do last year was phenomenal, and I’m just taking over that. When I look through the whole process and planning of the yearbook, I mean, I don’t know how Mr. Mejia was able to handle it last year. My goal this year is to just survive and to do just as much work as Mr. Mejia did last year. We have 29 students in our class and we’re implementing a whole new system for the yearbook. I hope it’ll raise the expectations and participation in the class, so I think more students will be involved. I’m just really looking forward to it.”

Furthermore, the students clearly enjoy having Mrs. Lim as the teacher and described her as enthusiastic and someone who brings smiles to faces. 

For instance, senior Elin Hovsepian recounted, “The first day of school, right when I walked into this classroom, Ms. Lim was so excited about the class and wearing a crown and a cape, and it was super fun.”   

Yearbook is a class for everyone. 

Students who are more reserved or outgoing are welcome and find a place in this class.

When asked about branching out of one’s comfort zone, junior Isaiah Alvarado replied, “I have to be more interacting with students. I have to introduce myself more, which kind of sucks, but overall it’s fun because it’s an easy opportunity to face your fears.” 

He went on about how he doesn’t prefer to talk to people he doesn’t know and it can be a challenge having to speak in public, but with the class, you can improve your skills in this department.

Hovsepian agreed and explained how you can improve your speaking skills when she stated, “Everytime you take a photo, you have to ask for the person’s name, their year, why they’re dressed up a certain way, or what they’re doing.”

Lastly, when asked about the advice they would give to other students who are in or will be joining yearbook, there were many different answers. Junior Cassandra Ramos replied with, “To the future students of yearbook, I would say to not be worried about talking to people because they understand. Also, don’t be embarrassed because you’re helping the school. It’s just a fun class. More people should definitely take it.” 

Junior Fatima Hernandez also added, “One piece of advice I would give is to not procrastinate because then, people will have more photos than you,” referring to how your photos might not make it in the yearbook if you procrastinate, “and try your best. Also, always be social.”

Yearbook is a very important class to the school. If there is no yearbook class, there are no yearbooks. If there are no yearbooks, there are no books of memories.