Softball season is back

Hoover’s softball squad will have 16 players, including six freshmen.


By Nelly Navasartian, Staff Writer

It’s been about six months since school started and softball season is finally here, and players are ready to get on the field to start the season. 

Hoover’s softball team has 16 players, including six freshmen.

 For some athletes who have joined this year, softball is completely new to them, but they are ready to learn and succeed. 

“I’m looking forward to improving my skills, getting to know other teams, and growing a stronger and closer bond with my teammates,” said freshman Eleni Alexandrian.

Meanwhile, the returners are ready to get out on the field and play. Hoover is looking to capitalize on last year’s win against Glendale High.

Hoover will be led by a new coach in Deb Cohen who took over the position from Rich Henning.

When asked about her favorite part about being back on the field and playing games again, returner Evelyn Ortiz said, “The competition, I love the competition. It gets your blood pumping.”

When asked about their main goal for this season, assistant coach Emmanuel Ortiz said, “Just to improve from last year, that’s all it is. You gotta improve one season at a time, one game at a time.”

Hoover’s first game of the season will be on Wednesday and will continue throughout to April 27th.