She Said Yes!

Hoover graduates return to the school that they met at in surprise proposal.


By Katherine Coppersmith and Ani Weimar

Hoover graduates Roger Greenlaw Jr. and Christi McCauley returned to Hoover on Tuesday as Tornados.

They left as fiancés.

Greenlaw got down on one knee and proposed on the football field, the first time the couple was back at Hoover since the late 1970s. 

After his proposal, a plane flew over Hoover with a banner that read: “Roger loves Christi, and we love HHS.” 

The couple met in high school during student government. 

While at football practice, Greenlaw, a 1977 Hoover grad, recalled how impressed he was with McCauley’s ability to throw the discus. 

Greenlaw stated, “I thought ‘Oh my gosh! That is no lazy summer frisbee throw at the beach. That’s amazing.’ And I never forgot that memory.” 

McCauley, a 1978 Hoover grad, was an accomplished discus thrower. She won the 1978 CIF Southern Section title in the discus throw and followed that accomplishment by winning the CIF state championship with a throw of 149 feet.

After high school, the two went their separate ways and lost contact for years. 

“With all the business of being a high school student, and I was a year older, I guess graduation came, and we left and faded off a little. We never broke up or anything, but we just faded off a little bit,” he said. 

The pair explained that it was through a mutual friend they got in touch again. 

When talking about their friend setting the two up, McCauley added, “We were both free.” 

After retiring, Greenlaw decided to become a truck driver and go around the west, where he’d occasionally drive through Oregon, which is where McCauley lived at the time. It was because of this they were able to meet up and start going out again. 

It was exactly one year ago Tuesday, when Greenlaw and McCauley met up for the second time and made things official. 

Greenlaw said that it was after this and constantly speaking on the phone and visiting each other that he wanted to propose at Hoover because that’s where they met for the first time. 

Cheers to continuing this romantic love story from high school sweethearts to soon-to-be-married!