Stop Sex Shaming Your Teenagers

Stop Sex Shaming Your Teenagers

By Pareli Amirkhanian 

pareli opinion- stop sex shaming your teenagers

Sex. The one “taboo” topic that many parents completely freak out about. Now I understand. Pregnancies and STD’s are common worries of any age of having sex, especially teenagers.

However, many parents degrade, punish, and forbidden sex until marriage or until they are a certain age.

Many parents connect sex to purity, self-respect, or self-worth. They believe that just because they view sex a certain way, their kids have to view it the same.

In reality, sex is simply a personal choice that isn’t so serious to some people. It’s simply fun for some, and that is okay. Some people worship it and take it seriously, and that is okay as well.

Sex does not have a universal reasoning; people take part in it for different reasons.

It is completely okay to never have sex in your lifetime, just as much as it is okay to have sex any day of your lifetime.

What’s not okay, however, is to push your opinion on sex unto others.

It all comes down to personal choice, and if the sex is safe and consensual, it is only the business of the people taking part in it.

Teenagers being raised thinking sex is a bad thing and something to be ashamed of can and usually do have problems in their future sex lives if they are not strong enough to keep their own opinion of sex.

There is a difference from directing your child towards a safe road rather than telling them what they can do or can’t do with their bodies.

Although parents mean well most of the time and are looking out for their kids, shaming and degrading teenagers for their personal choice on something that is not harming anyone is not reasonable.