Setup Guide


By Sion Khachootorian


Setup Guide

This is is going to be a guide on what to include in your gaming setup and the best products to look into when purchasing items. These are my recommendations; some products may not be to your liking because of the colors, design etc. I will suggest desks, PCs, chairs, headsets, monitors, and little things to help keep organized.


Desks don’t matter as much as other items, but some things will be good to know when purchasing one. Make sure to not buy light colored desks because they will get dirty extremely fast. This is coming from bad experiences of spilling food and using  it to do schoolwork on it. Some things just never come off and it’s not worth the hassle. I have picked out some desks from amazon and in all sizes.

Links –

Feliz L desk $167 (large)

BHG L shaped desk $140(medium)

Tribesighns $106 (small)


You might think that I would suggest buying a cheap chair, but I think that you should you look into it more. Get a chair that you like and spend some money in it because you’re going to be spending a lot of time on it and you don’t want to be uncomfortable doing daily tasks. Don’t get DXracers if you can’t afford it don’t think you need to buy best and most expensive chairs because office chairs will do the job just fine. Here are some links to help you pick the right one.


Black office chair $110

White and black mid level chair $50

X Rocker pro series gaming chair  $230 (the price is high but gaming chair like these are very useful to have)

DXracer website  (If you have $300+  then here is the website)


I have done an article on this last year around September and I have learned a lot more about PCs so can give you guys more information. When you get a pc or build a pc You always want to know what you are going to do with it, are you going to play GPU heavy games or CPU heavy games and are you going to be editing or are going to have it just for daily use.This questions you have to answer yourself.If you’re going to be editing then get an i7 7700 and higher for faster rendering and uploading videos, if you like to stream then I would say get a cpu that can handle 2 monitors for having elgato program and have the stream and audio files will take up a lot of space.if you are going to be playing a decent amount of games then check the games you want to play and see if they are GPU heavy or CPU heavy .The next thing you have to do is figure out if you are going to be building a pc or purchasing it prebuilt. This is easy, if you have time and know the general parts if the pc then you will be fine with building a pc, in the other hand if you don’t have any experience or time then just get a prebuilt one.I’ll put the links to some links to prebuilt pc, including prices from low to high.If you’re going to build it yourself then got to pc part picker and build it there before you buy the parts.


PC part picker

Entry level pc -Cyberpower PC Gamer Extreme $969 specs -i5 7500, 8GB ram .GTX 1060 6GB, 1TB hard drive .

Mid level pc -Digital storm vanquish 5 – $1,576 specs- i7 7700, GTX 1070 8GB,16GB ram, 240 SSD ,1TB hard drive .

High end pc – Digital storm aventum 3- $8,879 i7 6950X , 64GB ram, 2x SLI GTX TITAN X 12GB, 3TB hard drive, 1TB SSD, “Exotic liquid cooling system.”


Purchasing a monitor is not too difficult, it matters on your pc and what graphics it can handle.You also have to see how much space you have on your desk, do have enough space to have multiple monitors or do have to mount  it on the wall to save space. The main things you have to look into is the refresh rate, picture quality , and delay time, and bezels size.If you are going to be streaming then I would say get two monitors to have better organization , if you also do some console gaming then I would suggest get 3 monitors.You can use a TV for your console games but having a monitor will cut  down on delay time which is always good to have. I don’t think many people would need multiple but if you have about $250 to improve your setup a monitor is always a solid choice.Here is some links that will you decide on what monitor(s).

links –

Benq – 144Hz, 1ms and 1080p – $289

Lg curved monitor – 144Hz,1ms,1080p -$623

Dell gaming monitor with G since – 144Hz ,1ms ,1440p (thin bezels for multiple monitors)


This article has every essential thing for you to build or upgrade your current setup,know it’s up to you to customize your it with led lights and head set stands etc.I would recommend you get an Ikea signum which one of the best ways to keep wires out of the way. I would also recommend to get hue lights because it brings out the vibe of the setup and almost everyone has it in there set up so it’s a no brainier. That is everything you need to have a complete and organized set up.