Best Graphic Cards of 2017


By Sion Khachootorian

Lately I have been seeing many people  frustrated about  what graphics card to get for building or upgrading their PC since there are so many choices coming out every year. It’s very hard to find the right one for your needs and budget. This article will show you the best graphics cards in many categories.

Best Budget GPU’s

This price range for a GPU is one of the most popular price ranges since many people are not professional gamers and don’t have $500 to spend. The new RX560 from AMD and the 1050 Ti from Nvidia are one of the biggest competitors at this price range and both of them are very good choices for entry level gaming. Both these cards will be able to run many games if you have a solid CPU like a ryzen 5 1400 or an i5 7400 would also be a great match. Both of these graphics cards will easily run games at 1080p with well over 60fps. For how much these cards can do for the price range of about 160$ these GPUs are excellent.

Best Mid Range GPU’s

This is a very hard range of GPUs to pick from since there are a ton of choices. This can range from the RX580 to the GTX 1060, it’s hard to see which one is for you. I would suggest the 1060 6GB since it’s more reliable than the RX580 and also performs better than the RX580. The 1070 is also a great choice but it does cost $380 which is $120 more than the GTX 1060. All of these cards can run 1440p gaming in decent fps which is becoming the standard in tech from phones, TV, etc. The best card in mid range GPUs has to be the GTX 1060 since the price per frame is very solid for $260.

Best High End GPUs –

There have been many High end GPUs that  Nvidia has released recently including the GTX 1080 , GTX 1080 Ti , and the Titan X .AMD has not made any graphics cards recently to compete with  Nvidia’s line up graphics cards ,but there is the R9 Fury X which is AMD’s fastest fastest graphics card which can barely compete with the GTX 1080.The fury is not the greatest GPU because it takes 275W to run, it costs $550 ,it’s 2 years old , and can barely compete with the GTX 1080, so the R9 Fury X is not recommended for any build.The GTX 1080 Ti is currently the most powerful GPU and that’s why it’s very hard to find in stores and is barely available online for reasonable prices.The titan X does cost more than a $1000 and does not perform better than the 1080 Ti but it does have better name so if that justifies you paying paying $500 more ,go for it.

Best Fps Per Dollar GPU

The best overall bang for your buck GPU is the GTX 1060 3GB. This might come as a surprise since the GTX 1070 less than a year ago was the king ,but since recent price drops the GTx 1060 3 GB has taken the throne .The GTX 1060 3 GB has an average Fps per dollar of 0.359 for 1080p, 0.253 for 1440p and 143 fps for 4K gaming which very good since it only costs around $200. This is in the middle of budget and mid range GPUs so it’s in a weird spot but it is great if you want the most for what you pay for.The GTX 1060 3GB will work great with anything from i5 7500 to the i5 7600k will run anything without bottle necking and that will be the ultimate bang for your buck PC.