The Dream Palette


By Julia Loughlin 

    The dream palette, as some refer to, because of it’s exceptional quality and pigment skills. Is all the creation of beauty youtuber and makeup artist Jaclyn Hill.
    This eyeshadow palette which launched June, 21, 2017 has already become one of the most well known palettes of the year. Hill’s aspiration and drive brought her to become a youtuber, which she has been doing for six years now. It is the dedication and skill that Hill pursues which lead to this opportunity.
    Morphe Brushes was the makeup brand that reached out to Hill to do a collaboration on this palette. The two were the perfect match. Together, Hill got to create her own shadows for an affordable price of $38 for thirty five shadows, consisting of matte and shimmer shades, all which are exceptional in quality, pigment, and blendability.
    These wonderful shadows, took time. Hill was very particular in the shades and formula which took two years to perfect. Her skill with makeup is well known, and when news came out about the collaboration with Morphe, the beauty industry and Jaclyn’s followers all were ecstatic.
    Since the launch in June, the palette has been popular not only for makeup artists, but the average makeup lover, even selling out in less than an hour, for two consecutive times. It is definitely one to get your hands on.