Celebrities to the rescue


Photo Credit: Arnd Wiegmann/Reuters

By Sebastian Guzman


     As the world is under a temporary lockdown, the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic looms large over the economy, causing workers to be furloughed, small businesses to file for bankruptcy, and major corporations to aid victims and medical workers. 

     Regardless of one’s age, gender, race, sexual orientation or profession, everyone can be infected by the coronavirus. This includes big-name stars. 

     As a matter of fact, some celebrities, athletes and politicians have already tested positive for the coronavirus: Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, P!nk, Idris Elba, Kevin Durant, Prince Charles, Boris Johnson, Andy Cohen, and Chris Cuomo are a few. 

     “It is surreal to see millions of people become affected by the coronavirus, but celebrities are simply adding a face to the pandemic,” Allie Price (‘21) said.

     It is no surprise entertainment personalities are using their social media platforms to bring awareness towards preventing the virus from spreading. 

     In addition, most actors, according to the Hollywood Reporter, have donated tremendous amounts to assisting hospitals receive the essentials needed such as masks, plastic face guards, hand sanitizer, food, ventilators, hospital beds, sheets, and pillows. 

     According to Billboard Magazine, Kim Kardasian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Elton John, and Rihanna have all transformed their previous factories, some of which have been accustomed to producing perfumes, clothes, and makeup, to produce thousands of masks, guards, and ventilators for hospitals. 

     Some are also helping aid the boredom over millions of people, who are cooperating with the social distancing guidelines, are experiencing. 

     The ABC network just premiered a sing-along special where artists and stars performed some of Disney’s classic hits. They have also begun a reading program where some of their biggest name talent from across Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar universes are reading children books for kids. 

     Musicians such as Coldplay, P!nk, composer Alan Menken, and John Legend have sung their hearts out, just like they would have in an arena full of cheering fans, in live-streamed free concerts. 

     Television networks have also begun assembling some of Hollywood’s biggest film, television and musical talent for upcoming televised charity specials. 

     But, as great and amazing as it is for celebrities to be recognized for their miraculous contributions, a shout-out must be given to those in our community who are helping with what they have left. 

     Stories pour in daily of community stars making a difference, whether it be delivering food at local hospitals or by helping the elderly by buying their groceries while they stay at home. 

     Glendale’s first responders have lined the entry ways of hospitals in the Glendale and La Crescenta area, expressing gestures of gratitude towards healthcare workers—an act of heroes thanking heroes. 

     Glendale’s Sunrise Rotary Club has also aided hospitals by donating face shields. 

     Former Disney Channel star, Jennifer Stone, who has recently attended Glendale Community College to get a career in nursing, has switched her star status to becoming a health care worker aiding a neighboring hospital.

     Rising musical performer, Lizzo, has donated lunches at Adventist Health Glendale.

     Glendale officials have also begun rolling out a series of portable bathrooms to help the homeless population. 

     Free buses are also being offered for Glendalians. 

     Overall, whether you are a star in Hollywood’s upcoming blockbuster or a deputy sheriff officer who clocks in for night shifts, this global pandemic requires the assistance of everyone, famous or not.