Glendale Votes for Board Members


As of late Tuesday night, the Los Angeles County Registrar’s office released the first set of results that include all early Vote by Mail ballots for Tuesday’s local election, including for positions in the Glendale Unified School District.

Lerna Amiryans was winning the vote for Trustee Area B against Ingrid Gunnell by 390 votes. “I’m proud of the positive campaign we ran and the coalition of progressive parents, students, and community members we built,” Gunnell said.

Armina Gharpetian was winning the vote for Area C against Kathleen Cross by 371 votes. Shant Sahakian won the position of Trustee Area D by default with 2,399 votes because he was unopposed.

Trustees are people who are voted on by members of their respective district.

In Glendale’s case, there are five members that are elected to support and serve school districts in Glendale.

Former GUSD board member Greg Krikorian, who retired in May from the board, was leading with 860 votes for the City Clerk position.