Hoover goes 2 for 2

Tornados pick up 14-6 on the road against Ganesha.


By Katie Coppersmith and Breann Pimenta

After a tough, resilient game against Ganesha on Friday, the Hoover High football team won once again, pulling out a 14-6 win on the road.  

The Tornados played the Ganesha Giants and Hoover didn’t travel far to lose. 

“It was a great win mainly because it was a tough game with both sides of the ball ,” Hoover Coach Azad Herabdian said. “The other team was well coached and we wanna play games like that so we can be challenged and grow into a better football team. That was exactly the kinda game this was so it was great.”

They were a very tough, physical team, but we wanted it more and this was a statement game for us.

— Ethan Davis

The game started off slow with the Giants taking up almost all the time off the clock in the first quarter all to get the ball intercepted by Joseph Dizon in the red zone, allowing Hoover to take the field on offense. 

The game still moved at a slow pace up until the second quarter when Hoover’s junior quarterback Ethan Davis ran the ball from the 50 into the end zone for the first touchdown. Kicker Daniel Baneham then made the extra point after with only a minute and a half left in the quarter. 

Shortly after Baneham kicked the ball off, the Giants fumbled, allowing the Tornados to get the ball back. The Tornados marched down the field into the red zone when Davis took the ball up the middle for his second touchdown of the game. 

“They were a very tough, physical team, but we wanted it more and this was a statement game for us,” Davis said.

The Giants attempted to score before the half but time ran out. 

The Giants scored a rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter and threatened to score in the final two minutes of the game, but the Tornados were able to hold their weight for the rest of the game to close out the game.

When asked about the feeling of the second win in a row Daniel Rangel said, “I mean it was actually a really big win. It was kind of needed to show that we can actually fight with other teams in our league. But, it is all still a work in progress. This game was a lot more physical and they came ready to play. We couldn’t have asked for them to put up a better fight.”

Running back Cedric Lynum spoke for the team saying, “As a team we did really well, fought our hearts out. We started off slow but once we realized what they were doing we focused up and ended up dominating, great team win and proud of all the guys on this team.”